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AdmissionWhether we are playing a video game, downloading MP3s, talking on a cell phone, or even driving our car, we are depending on software.  Software applications range from personal computing to entertainment systems to life-critical applications such as medical, flight, and space systems.  Today's society requires software that is engineered to demanding performance, reliability, and safety standards.  Engineering such software requires a high degree of specialization.  The individuals with the critical expertise to do this are software engineers and computer scientists.  It's these professionals who make the magic happen.

Help Students to learn! We have formed a faculty team and developed this site to provide resources for our students. Students can download different tools, read tutorials, download journals, white papers, and lot more. It would save their time and would help to prepare themselve to be a good computer sciencetist or software engineer. Anyone can download free stuffs such as the most popular free Software Testing Tools, free QA Tools, FREE Software, UML Tools, Source code or Programs Testing Tools free, and free Quality Assurance Software. Students can read and download free Journals and Conference papers in Software Engineering, Software Testing, Software Development Methodology, Software Debugging, and Software Validation areas.

We gather the free software testing tools, UML Toos, and software QA resources for students, software engineers, computer Analyst, and QA professional. You can download 200+ software testing tools, UML tools, 1000s recent software testing, QA or related publications , 100s white papers, software professional bodies list, 100s of current researchers homepages and lot more.You will find Software Engineering, Software Testing, QA, Computer Science in general, or related International Conferences list in 2006, 2007, and 2008 .

Admission in Software Engineering in BS, MS, or Ph.D. Program

We have listed Universities and Programs in Graduate Admission in Software Engineering and closely related majors in the USA. In the admission page, we have listed offered degrees (MS, Ph.D, Certificate, etc.) , Majors (Software Engineering, Software Development, Human-Computer Interaction, Bioinfomatics, etc.), Program Descriptions, Research Areas, etc.

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